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TeacherWhy join The Tuition Exchange? As our 600+ member schools already know, membership in the exchange delivers tangible advantages that ensure a high return for minimal investment.

Attract High-Quality Employees.
Our scholarships strengthen your compensation package at a very nominal cost. You’ll find The Tuition Exchange can serve as a strong incentive for top job candidates to accept your offer.

Attract High-Caliber Students.
The Tuition Exchange is an effective enrollment management tool that helps you draw top students. Exchange applicants often present a stronger academic profile than the general applicant pool.
Broaden Your Reach.
The exchange provides exposure to a broader range of prospective students, geographically and academically. As a member, you’ll attract applicants who might not otherwise consider your school.

Maintain Flexibility.
The Tuition Exchange sets guidelines for award amounts, ratios and other parameters. Within those guidelines, you have the flexibility to implement the program as you see fit, creating your own policies and processes.

Enjoy Simple Administration.
Your designated Liaison Office will serve as your exchange administrator – working closely with our staff and using electronic processes that make daily program management easy and efficient.

Tuition Exchange gives us the flexibility to create our own policies and requirements within its guidelines, and that’s critical for a program administered by many different types of institutions across the spectrum. It allows us to manage our program in a way that works best for us.
– Dr. Angel Kwolek-Folland, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs, University of Florida

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